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The Life of a Senior


Personal Update:

You may have noticed I have now been inactive for over a year and a half now. Well as a Junior last year who was in a ska band, on the pole vaulting team, participating in the regional and state science fair, and trying to pass all her classes, as well as serving in her church, you may now understand that time was not for me to waste!

And now, this year I am a Senior in High School, and I cannot tell you how ready I am to move on to the world of College. High School is an adventure for sure, and don’t get me wrong, Senior year is a party, but I can’t wait to experience something new! Trying to get all my credits done is a pain, and balancing everything is still a chore. Not to mention I have a new baby sister to look after at home. But C’est La Vie.

Now finding out which college you will end up going to, is really one of the most stressful, exciting, nerve-racking things you will look forward to as a senior in high school. As for me, I applied to four colleges, and I have already been accepted to one of them: Southern Utah University. This month of February and the next month of March, however, are when I find out if I got into any others. I will find out about Brigham Young University next week, and March is when I find out about University of Utah and Utah Valley University. What I would like to go into in each of the colleges is listed below.

  • BYU: Ancient Near Eastern Studies
  • UVU: Forensic Science
  • SUU: Criminal Justice
  • UofU: Criminology

And though life is busy as a Senior in high school who loves to do and try everything, it’s quite exciting and fun. Fingers crossed I get in!


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