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The High School Experience And A Book


I haven’t posted for a long while and that seems mostly due to the fact that the school year started and I have had no time to get on here. But now it is Christmas break and I finally had the thought to post.

This year I decided to go part time to the high school near me for a few classes; Seminary, Geology, Latin and English. It’s different than I’m used to but I’m liking it so far. One thing that I had to do for English this term was read a dystopian novel. My teacher placed us in little book club groups with an assigned book. I was put in the group with the assigned book Birthmarked. I just finished the other day and liked it quite a bit. If you like dystopian novels you might too.

This novel is about a young midwife living in a small town outside the wall called Warfton. She’s has always been loyal and delivered a quota of babies to the Enclave, until one night when her parents are arrested and she begins to doubt all she has ever been taught.

Until next time’s post!

– The Homeschooler & The Bookworm

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