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Return From Tomorrow


Happy Memorial Day! Sorry that I’ve been kind of MIA for a few weeks, but the end of the school year has kept me busy nonstop! However, I will not bore you with talk of the non stop parties, etc. Let’s get to the review! This week I’m writing on the book Return From Tomorrow by Dr. George G. Ritchie. This book was a great and easy read, as well as really hard to put down! I read it within a couple of days and loved every minute of it! Next, summary…

Summary: Dr. George G. Ritchie was a young soldier during WWII. He fell ill, and one night was in fact pronounced dead for roughly 10 minutes before miraculously being brought back to life. This book is his account of what he saw during those 10 minutes of death and how it changed the course of his life forever.

This book is incredibly captivating and I really enjoyed it. Here are a few reasons why you should read it too!

Reason #1 – Thought Provoking

During the entirety of Return From Tomorrow, my brain was engaged completely. We all wonder about death and what will happen when we die. And though the author could have exaggerated, made some stuff up, or all out lied about his experience, the idea of what he saw is very interesting and causes the reader to think about the possibility that this could be what happens after we die, or at least something similar. How are we judged, rewarded, and punished for our behaviors here on earth? It was certainly very stimulating as well as riveting, making it impossible to put the book down!

Reason #2 – Inspiring

However, once the author had finished relating what he saw on the other side, he didn’t end his story quite yet. He wanted the reader to know what he did after his experience. What did he do with the information and enlightenment he was given? He turned his life around. Ritchie relates how he afterwards changed the course of his life and dedicated the rest of it to doing all the good he possibly can. It was inspiring and wonderful to read about the effect that his vision had on him and those in his life at the time and thereafter.

Overall, this book is an absolute MUST READ, especially for those of you who love a good non-fiction or religion book but prefer it not to be too wordy, philosophical, or hard to read. I highly recommend this book as it provided some insight as to what I might do if I had had an experience similar to Dr. Ritchie and how that would alter how I acted and went through my own life!

Rating: 5 Stars!


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