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Religious Freedom In The Church


Today, for our third hour of LDS (Mormon) church all the youth were combined into one class. We do this every 5th Sunday and are taught by one of our bishopric (or, in other words, leaders of a small piece of our church; called a ward.). This Sunday our new bishop (one of the main leaders) taught on Religious Freedom.

One of the questions he asked us was: Why does God want us to have Religious Freedom?

My answer to this very important and thought provoking question was this: Our Heavenly Father gave us free agency and He want’s us to exercise that agency and use it as much a possible. Religious Freedom gives us a chance to exercise our agency and to use it to choose what we will believe.

Now, I am an extremely shy person and do not raise my hand very often to comment. However, this time I really wanted to and even though I didn’t (Which I encourage you to always raise your hand and comment even if you are scared or shy like me.), I’m glad that I could share it with all those who will read this.



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