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The High School Experience And A Book

I haven’t posted for a long while and that seems mostly due to the fact that the school year started and I have had no time to get on here. But now it is Christmas break and I finally had the thought to post. This year I decided to go part time to the high…

Jelly-Bean Music Video


This is a music video for the song In Your Arms I’ll Stay by Kina Grannis and it’s created entirely out of Jelly-Beans! Using stop-motion animation, they were able to create a cartoon world of Jelly-Beans and they used 288,000 of them! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did it when I…

Happy Star Wars Day!

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Time to wear your Star Wars T-shirt! It’s May 4th and a day completely dedicated to Star Wars. Greet everyone you see with a “Happy Star Wars Day” and say goodbye with a “May the force be with you”. We hope you will join in and celebrate this fun and nerdy holiday us! May the…