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Daily Dictionary Stories


Earlier this year I realized that I needed to be able to look up the meanings of words on demand. Too many Boggle unknowns and new intriguing words to not. So I downloaded the app onto my phone. I’m ever so glad that I did. Not only did it mean I could look up new words whenever I needed to, the app notified me what the Word Of The Day was every morning. I loved it. Then I had the most brilliant idea, I being an author and all, I decided to use the new words as daily writing prompts. Like I said, most brilliant. I started to write little stories, you could even just call them scenes, based off of the WOTD. I have now dubbed them Daily Dictionary Stories. There is one of the stories/scenes written below for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Superlative : Adjective; surpassing all else or others. “My way of talking is superior to all.” He said, getting cocky again. “Oh, don’t you mean superlative?” I asked, catching him off guard. “What?” He asked. Clearly, he didn’t know what superlative meant. “Didn’t you mean that your way of speaking is superlative compared to everyone else’s?” He looked unsure wether to say yes to that or not. “Uh……” I smirked and quietly went back to my work while our teacher chuckled.

Unfortunately I have fallen a wee bit behind in the making of Daily Dictionary Stories, but I plan on catching back up. Most of them may go into books I will write in the future. If not, they’re good for practice.

Happy writing,

The Aspiring Author

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