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4 Years Trapped In My Mind Palace


Today’s post is a review on the book 4 Years Trapped In My Mind Palace by Johan Twiss.

Now, when I first picked up this book I thought: Oh this sounds like a really cool non-fiction book to pick up.

So I did. And IT ISN’T NON-FICTION. At all. So heads up this is yet another fiction book. Not non-fiction. Anyway, moving on.

Summary: A 14 year old boy, named Aaron, is living his life in an old folks home, completely paralyzed. He is trapped in his mind, unable to communicate to anyone that he is, in fact, still alive and completely conscious of the events that are taking place in the world around him. But one day — After two years of having no one to talk to — a spry, but old, man gets wheeled into Aaron’s bedroom, being introduced as Aaron’s new roommate. This old man is none other than Solomon the Great, and he would change Aaron’s life forever.

Even though my expectation of this book was a bit misleading at first, I ended up absolutely LOVING it for multiple reasons.

Reason #1 – Realistic events were mixed into the fiction.

It can be very hard to make a fiction feel believable, but Twiss pulled it off really well by adding what you could call “Throwback Scenes” throughout the novel. These “Throwback Scenes” went to really well known events and places in history. Some of these were the 1920’s Jack Dempsey Boxing Match, a World War II concentration camp, and even Disneyland in the 1950’s when Walt Disney was still alive. It was clear that the author did extensive research on these times and places, using what he learned to portray what it would be like to witness these exciting, heartbreaking, and joyous events.

Reason #2 – Great life lessons are learned

“…though we can never forget the pain, we should not dwell on it,”

Johan Twiss

Here, Twiss’s character taught a very important lesson that all of us have to learn one way or another. Holding on to pain will only make you miserable. We need to be able to move on from the pain and accept the memory of it. And the author inserted it perfectly to help inspire his readers.

Reason #3 – Thoughtful themes are spread throughout

The themes throughout this book were absolutely magnificent. One of my favorite themes was: sometimes you need someone to help you live, and sometimes you need someone to help you die. People play an important role in our lives. All of us are susceptible to illness, depression, and other trials, and often we need the characters in our stories to love us and help us live again. Or, in contrast, love us and help us accept our inevitable fate.

Overall, this book is a FANTASTIC READ, and I would highly recommend it! It has a great story, well developed characters, and some great messages.

Rating: 5 Stars

-The Bookworm

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